1. undercut-undertaker:


    i’m giving some of my music to a show on wednesday and i was told i had to make a poster before i could be in there so i made it

    i fixed the weird glitch in the upload


  2. 15folds:


    Aaron Swartz » piratical angel of digital justice » miracle caught on camera

    Nick Briz, Artist, Chicago, IL

    Follow the Privacy Piracy thread at 15folds.com

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  4. ewok-gia:

    Blood freezes on the back of a truck

    Photo credit: Todd Noble

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  6. pankurios-templeovarts:

    Classic works by Henry Fuseli (Johann Heinrich Füssli; 1741-1825).

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  7. supersonicart:

    Raymond Lemstra, Recent Work.

    Some recent work by the always fascinating Raymond Lemstra (Previously on Supersonic):

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  8. stringstalker:

    Ma tudtam meg, hogy a City 17 trainstation a Nyugatiról lett mintázva.

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  9. tierradentro:

    Dead Bluebird”, 1512, Albrecht Dürer.


  10. lauren-earthlight:

    The Goddess Isis and Horus

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