1. supersonicart:

    Raymond Lemstra, Recent Work.

    Some recent work by the always fascinating Raymond Lemstra (Previously on Supersonic):

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  2. stringstalker:

    Ma tudtam meg, hogy a City 17 trainstation a Nyugatiról lett mintázva.

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  3. tierradentro:

    Dead Bluebird”, 1512, Albrecht Dürer.


  4. lauren-earthlight:

    The Goddess Isis and Horus

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  5. arsanatomica:

    These are fins from a 500lb Bluefin Tuna

    Tuna are members of the Scrombrid family, a group of fast swimming, partially warm-blooded apex predators, with highly streamlined bodies and retractable fins. 

    In the image above, the large dorsal fin, with its rigid bony rays, can disappear completely into a deep groove on the body.This gives the fish its distinctive bullet shape, as it charges forward in the water. The fin is pulled out when the fish is slowing down, or turning to keep its cylindrical body from rolling over.

    The distinctive little fins, or finlets in the last image are only found in this group of fish. Muscles beneath the skin allows them to move independently. There’s a few people out there researching this, but at the current time their exact function is unknown. 

  6. arsanatomica:

    I opened up an emu egg that had failed to hatch to find a late stage chick inside, and unfortunate individual in a large and otherwise healthy clutch. 

    It’s hard to tell what’s going on in the last photo, so I drew a diagram. He’s positioned with his head cradled between his feet. See no evil in a world that never came to be. 

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  9. exam:

    The Sculpted Alphabet by Foreal

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